Kids Program

Over the years, Cuong Nhu has refined its children’s curriculum to meet the needs of young learners. We combine exercise, education, and philosophy in ways that make learning fun – because fun and friendship are why kids want to participate.

Cuong Nhu students grow in maturity, self-discipline, and self-control while developing a non-defeatist attitude. Our instructors foster an environment of friendship and cooperation that emphasizes conflict avoidance along with defense against bullies and adult aggressors.

At a time when schools are cutting back on physical education under pressure to meet academic standards, Cuong Nhu offers a great workout, improved coordination and endurance, and heightened awareness, focus, and respect.

Parents tell us about the improvements they see in their children’s fitness, attitudes, cooperation at home, and academic performance. Students feel empowered by their achievements and moving up through the ranks.

But whether they participate in our Kids Dojo Classes, Summer Camps, or After-School Program, Kids Love Cuong Nhu because it’s Fun!

Students MUST be 7 years old or older to participate.

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Sung Ming Shu - Kids Program. Sensei Doug at a Kids Test.

Kids Dojo Classes

Our kid’s Dojo Classes are 1-hour sessions, held at our main Sung Ming Shu dojo, for students 7 years old or older (for teens, please see the Adults section). Classes take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and children can be signed up to attend up to 3 classes weekly.

As with all of our kids’ programs, experienced instructors emphasize self-discipline, self-control, a non-defeatist attitude – and a whole lot of fun. Training includes games of skill and coordination; philosophy about friendship, conflict avoidance, and cooperation; and defense against bullies and adult aggressors.

Be sure to arrive 15 minutes before class begins your 1st time, in order to meet the instructors.

Parents and children are always welcome to observe classes. We are a non-profit organization that does not require a contract.

Class Schedule

Tuesday and Thursday Evenings: 5:30pm-6:30pm at the main Sung Ming Shu dojo.

Saturday Classes: 10:00am-11:00am at the main Sung Ming Shu dojo.

For more information e-mail or call (404) 525-4707.

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Give your child a thrilling gift sure to bring lifelong memories: an action-packed karate birthday party!

Sensei Doug and his assistants keep up to 20 little ninjas busy for two hours with karate games of skill … and loads of fun! No martial arts experience needed. For more information, e-mail